Our Mission

Strong Grandpa is all about inspiring and motivating people to get back to fitness so that we can enjoy an active and vibrant lifestyle in our golden years. Some of us are just starting out for the first time and some of us are athletes that are trying to get back to our former glory. Getting Stromger to Live Longer is the key. So let us help you move from where you are to a new you through positive change.

Meet the Guys

Shane and Hilton met in Basingstoke U.K. as School dads in 2018. They quickly realised that they have a mutual love for the great outdoors,BBQ's and are both on a fitness journey. Hilton has been setting and acheiving fitness goals for many years whilst Shane has recentley lost 10kg of body weight through regular exercise. Whilst cooking up a BBQ storm they formulated an idea around inspiring others to improve there lifestyle and mental health through exercise. So Strong Grandpa was born!


Shane Jones


An Aussie living in the U.K. trying to make a positive change after becoming a Grandpa. Learning new things every day about getting fit.


Hilton Quinn


A South African living in the U.K. inspiring others through his dedication to training and fitness education.

Join Us!

If you would like to keep updated with both our training goals and regular posts on day to day training tips and exciting new projects then click through to our facebook page and check us out. We would also love to hear about your goals or even any setbacks that you need help with so get in touch and lest do this together .