Just for a moment, I wondered, was it too warm for the Grandpas to get together tonight. It was pretty warm, and, I expect, we have set a record for the hottest training session for a long while. It was a sultry 28C as we ventured onto the grass to limber up. A couple of new faces joined us. Stu Newton who happens to be an Air Squat Master and a special guest, our very first Strong Great Grampa Scaz joined us for the first time. GG Scaz was keen to getting moving again after a minor operation on his leg last week. So we decided to split into to groups. Myself and GG Scaz did 3 gentle but steady laps of the cricket oval whilst the rest of the group took off into the distance for a few laps of the park. Kev Jelly pushed his heart rate up to 175bpm as a sprint to the end got the sweat pouring out and Craig improved on his run last week. We gathered in the shade for a short intermission and flooded ourselves with water as the temp was rising. Time do do some dynamic stretching thanks to Hilton’s training schedule he sent me from Thailand yesterday. Lunges, side steps and Stu’s favourite the air squats. More stretching was done before the grand finale, the plank off. Karl blitz the field proving his planking skills were second to none. All done a dusted. Soaked with sweat and that familiar feeling of achievment, getting it done, pushing the boundaries was shared by us all. At the close of play it was a cooler 25C and as we strolled back to the carpark the gorgeous aromas of the Spice Indian Restaurant floated across the park and my tummy was a rumbling! Thanks to all who joined me tonight and lets do it again next week. I am expecting some more new faces and a new workout program. Stay Strong peeps.

Strong Grandpas sweating it out!