Shane Jones Founder

Around 12 months ago I started on a vanity project after seeing a very unflattering picture of myself posted on facebook. I was sat around drinking beers at the campsite and I was surprised at how heavy and unhealthy I looked. With my 50th Birthday fast approaching in March 2019, I decided that I would need a 6 pack to show off to everyone on my birthday. I started out slowly with gentle pushups, skipping a little and shuffling around the garden….slow progress. What started out as a vanity project soon turned to fear. My eldest son Reef and his partner Leah announced to my wife and I that we would soon be grandparents. I am going to be a Grandpa!! An amazing and surprising change in my life. When you get to 50 you have a wardrobe full of “Done that” T shirts and think its all plain sailing from here. But realising that I was about to be a Grandpa caused just a little, no it was a lot of fear of getting old and frail. Suddenly I am about to be thrust into the world of zimmer frames and bus passes….really?? Can this be happening. Visions of my Grandpa come flooding back, he passed away many years ago but I still love that guy and wished he was still around. We lost him suddenly in his mid 60’s. I am now becoming that figure for my family, a Grandpa, and that is an amazing honour that fills me with emotion. My health is no longer just about me its about trying to be here to support and mentor future generations of my own family. I want to be a Strong Grandpa. But I can’t do it alone. I decided to create a group on Facebook called Strong Grandpa, the idea was to start tracking my progress with videos and posts about how I am going and hopefully motivate myself and even other people. Very quickly others have joined and together we are motivating each other to get up and get outside for a run or walk or crawl. It doesn’t matter, you have to start somewhere. The motto of the Group is “Lets start a movement, any movement, just move”. So if your motivation is starting to flag as February rises on the horizon then check out this group of old guys, not trying to be young again, just trying to get stronger, to be here longer. Today I improved my 5km Park run from finishing 664th last week to 412th this week and the support I have received has been overwhelming. So, lets start a movement, any movement, just start moving! Join us.