Hello Strong Grandpa’s and Strong Grandma’s. My First blog post. 
So ever since I completed my Ultra marathon run 2 months ago in June 2019 I’ve been struggling to get into a regular running routine again. Partly because I haven’t set my next goal and partly other life factors…like going on holiday and getting chased and attacked by a dog…now going through a course of rabies injections, ha ha!!! But that’s really just an excuse … I need to get back to regular action.

Yesterday I went out for a lunch run but wasn’t sure what to do. I was just going to grind out a few kilometers at a steady pace but I find that a little tedious. So I decided to add a few running interval repetitions and but added a little twist.  And now I’ve discovered a great new addition to my running program!

It comprised a gentle warm up and then running 1km at quicker than 5km race pace but the whole time I was concentrating on high cadence. With my fantastic Garmin 920xt it calculates my current cadence in real time so I was able to keep track of how I was performing. {You don’t need a watch mind you, just keep up a higher leg turn over with shorter strides, you’ll feel the difference). After that interval I had a break and followed it up with a 400m interval, this time concentrating on long strides. [Note: When doing strides do NOT stretch your leading leg too far forward. Your front foot will land ahead of your knee and this causes imbalance and injuries. Your foot should land under your knee. The stride comes from a strong/long drive off the back leg.]

With this mixture I was able to train all 3 main components of running: 
A – The interval run gets your body used to running at a quicker pace
B – The higher cadence drill helps with running efficiency 
C – The stride drill helps develop your running strength and power

Viola, the miles just melted away and I thoroughly enjoyed the run. 

I’ve created a free PDF running session that summarizes this workout. Feel free to download.

Take care folks. Remember

Grow Stronger, Live Longer