Get together to get fit as we get older

The befits for getting fit as you get older can be huge, especially if you are feeling lethargic, overweight or are suffering from a lack of motivation to get started at anything. Walking can be a fantastic way to get started and its free! Setting yourself a goal to do 2 or 3 walks per week and slowly extending the length of those works is our favourite starting point. We are about to enter the year 2020 and the guys at Strong Grandpa in Basingstoke would love to invite you to join us for our scheduled walk that takes place every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm at the Down Grange Running Track. We dont charge anything but you do need to bring with you some comfortable, warm clothing and a smile. Your New Years resoloution to make a positive change is an awesome reason to join us. So get yourself a pair of trainers with that xmas voucher and get yourself focused to move into the New Year with a bang!

Get moving with Strong Grandpa