Strong Grandpa has been gaining momentum over the last few weeks and it seemed that it was time to transfer from virtual reality to actual reality. How do you do that? I pondered this question and decided that I would invite anyone who is local and interested to join me for a lite run and workout session. Where do you go? I chose a park close to my home called Stratton Park. Its fairly easy to get too with excellent parking. So the invite went out, great, let’s see. Immediately, I was seeing interest and comments on the facebook post. OK that’s great. I had a couple of days to prepare but didn’t really know what to to do so just decided to wing it. Unbelievably the night before, I tossed and turned. LOL! So I was knackered when I turned up. Offering some free T-shirts seemed like a good idea to get some people down there. On arrival I was surprised to see other groups out there training, going for it and well organised. Before long Grandpas started turning up, a few of them where friends and family. Awesome. Both my sons turned up with Leah and Margo my Granddaughter. Can it get any better. Yes it can. We had a couple of guys who just wanted to see what we where about and that is the key. We are about motivating each other and inspiring one another. The weather was kind, overcast and around 20’C, perfect. We all gathered together for some lite running and then did a few lunges, push ups and some core strength exercises. We wrapped up with a group photo and some back slapping. WOW! We did it. Strong Grandpa is now a reality and week 2 is now being planned a bit better, I can’t wait. Thank you to you amazing peeps in the picture below who made it happen. Stay Strong everyone.

Strong Grandpa the firsts
The first steps by this awesome group!