Hilton Quinn

Are you tired of running day after day and not seeing improvements. Well that’s because the body likes variety. Do the same routine over and over and it stagnates. The body quickly adapts to a regular routine, maintains an optimal performance level and stops improving. 

Sure, the more you run, you’ll get fitter and with that you will slowly get faster. But not nearly as quick if you spice up your runs. 

For example today I took a group of runners at work for a run with some Hill Repetitions. A good warm up followed by several Hill repetitions…at speed, not only builds power and strength in the legs but will have you running quicker than ever before. 

Add 1 Hill repetition workout a week and in just a few weeks you’ll notice the gains. Or try adding a few hundred meter intervals at a slightly higher pace than normal and rest for a few hundred meters. 

But whatever you do mix it up. Your running will become more enjoyable and you’ll get faster as a reward.