Well the school holidays are now in full swing and unfortunately that effected the turn out as many people where away this week. This however did not diminish our experience in any way as we had an amazing time and 2 new members turned up to try the lush green grass of Stratton Park. Welcome to Grandad Tim who hasn’t run for many years and is exploring the idea of improving his fitness since his retirement last month. And a huge welcome to our very own Sweet Caroline who is the very first Strong Grandma to take to the field. Caroline truly is a Strong Grandma in every sense and is also keen to keep moving forward with her fitness that took a slight dip recently. Tonight we started with some dynamic stretching and being careful not to take thing too far, just light easy stretching. The weather has been on our side again, absolutely perfect deep blue skies with a light breeze gently cooling us down. Next it was time to start a light jog across the park, pick a tree give it a hug, then back across the park to the other side of the park to hug another tree. Such a beautiful evening shared with the trees and we got to know the grass quite well too! After repeating this 3 or 4 times we slowed to a walk and repeated this about 10 times before a power walk for the last 2. Before we knew it we had clocked up some distance and had been moving forward for a good half an hour. Finally it was time for a stretching warm down whilst Grandpa Tim, who grew up in this very spot, regaled us of his champion goals scored back before the war, on this very ground. Had he already mentioned he was a champion runner years ago. Lol. What an honour to spend an hour focusing on these 2 beautiful people and to be present for the first ever Strong Grandma training session. History was made here tonight. So next week I will be back down the park to continue my Strong Grandpa journey, I would love to see you there. Cheers Shane.